Keep your eyes on Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. This talented British actor has a range of theatre, tv and movie experiences under his belt and is on the rise. Just wrapping up a year long run of Tony Kushner’s landmark play “Angels in America,” Stewart-Jarrett sits down with SBJCT to tell us to tell us a little bit about himself, the challenges of playing the same role six times a week for a year, and why he doesn’t post on Instagram.

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1How did you first get introduced to the world of acting?

This all happened because I didn’t want to wear a uniform….really!  I was attending an ordinary secondary school (High school) and really wanted to get out. My cousin (Natalie Stewart of Floerty) went to a performing arts school, The BRIT School, where the kids didn’t have to wear uniforms. So I was sold – but had to find a talent first….I couldn’t draw or dance or anything, so I figured I would go for the theatre stuff. My friends were like ‘You’re shit in our drama classes’.  And they were right…and the time, I really couldn’t act, but I learned eventually.

2Tell us a little bit about what drew you to Angels in America generally and to the character of  Belize more specifically.

I was more than aware of the play and the HBO adaptation before this production came up. All the guys in scene study at drama school were into it and I’d read it and knew it was an incredible piece of work.  The role? Well Belize has such integrity and power within the piece – rare to have a role like that anyway, let alone within such a crazily fantastic play. It’s less about what drew me to him and more how could I possibly not want to be this character. He is sharper, more articulate and honest than I could ever be  – and just a tad funnier.

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3You have been performing in “Angels in America” for a year now in both London and New York, has the character and your relationship with the character and play more generally evolved over time?

Yeah. Probably mostly imperceptibly but I have felt a few things shift and change over the last year.  For example – in the last few weeks, I’ve been obsessed with small comedic moments, which has been an  interesting angel to explore.  It can also be frustrating when you find things that work that you haven’t been doing for a year. But emotionally I think things have deepened – not to be too general. Doing the play in New York has helped that. I also think there is something innate at this point, regardless of nerves and fatigue, which is again rare. I think some of the arguments within the play have also become more acute for me..with us now performing in the US.





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4We’re living in a much different world from when Tony Kushner originally wrote Angels – how do you think the show relates to the present day and why is it an important story to tell today?

Possibly too much. I think Tony says it’s a shame that the play is still relevant today. Well..let’s just skip over the politics perhaps – we know why it’s relevant, not just here but also in Europe. It’s sad, it’s shameful. There has been so much movement within LGBQT rights, but there is still a way to go and as we can see..huge progression can be attacked and attempted to be dismantled.

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5You’ve had a variety of experience – TV, stage etc – are you more drawn medium one over the other?

Probably shouldn’t say this but I do like screen a lot. I like the size of performance and the way the camera (and audience) can pick up on smaller movements and moments or character tics that might be harder to discern on the stage. I love the fact what you do on the day is what you do…once the day’s over  – that’s it.  What I love about theatre though is that you have more freedom as an artist which definitely makes you a better actor.   If you weren’t acting, what do you think you would be doing?   Lots of things. I wanted to be a lawyer…but maybe I would be writing, like a novelist. I don’t think I have a novel ‘in me’, but the idea of going on one of those retreats or a fun Italian city, sitting down and not writing, sounds great. All hangovers, cigarettes and writer’s block.




6So much of any creative job these days involves social media but you’ve mostly shunned Instagram and Twitter – why is that? What’s your thinking?

I just can’t. I’ve tried, many times – but I just can’t. Instagram’s great, and I think for certain artists really cool and essential. Love it – but I’m purely a voyeur. Twitter, nah. I have nothing to say in a hundred and whatever words it is that will change the conversation.

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7What’s next for you?


I’m going away, which is much needed. I’ve moved to New York – which is exciting, so who knows. I should get a vision board shouldn’t I?