Want to step into your best self? Take a hint from the inimitable Lucy Hale, a force of light and love to be reckoned with. I spoke with Lucy about harnessing our intentions to access the life we are meant to have, living with passion, and learning how we want to tell our own stories. I am so taken with this magical woman and am certain you will be too. Read on below…

DRESS Georges Hobeika

Erin Walsh Thanks for taking the time to get very very RED for our shoot. I am so excited to talk to you about what makes you tick and why. Let’s start at the beginning. How did you end up in LA and get started in the biz in the first place?

Lucy Hale First off, I had the absolute best time on this shoot. It was my first photoshoot back since Covid and I was very grateful to work with such wonderful people. I always had a wild imagination as a kid and spent a lot of time alone and playing pretend. That describes a lot of kids, but it felt different for me at a young age. I always just had a feeling my life path would look different than others. I definitely lived in my head a lot. Then I discovered a love of music which led to acting. I found out what pilot season was and convinced my mom to bring me out to Los Angeles. We were only going to stay for a few months, but 16 years later and I’m still there! It’s been such a wild ride.

EW I always find that actors who started as kids have an insanely acute perspective of all the parts in motion, both the business and the creative side. How do you think your experience of starting so young impacted you and where you are now?

LH I definitely grew up fast and was constantly around adults.  Working all day at a young age and supporting myself definitely changed the way I viewed the world. There are times now where I wish I could’ve been a kid a while longer but ultimately wouldn’t have changed a thing. I had to be professional from about 15 onwards and it has taught me so much about working hard. That inner drive has always been there. Without that passion, I’m not sure I’d be where I am today. Dealing with so much rejection was probably the most difficult part, but that also fueled to get me where I am today.

EW Any particular mentors or moments in your beginnings that you found to be particularly instrumental?

LH I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible people in my career.  I did a show called “Privileged” about 12 years ago and worked with Joanna Garcia. I’ll never forget how wonderful she was to everyone. She treated everyone with respect and kindness and worked extremely hard. That left a lasting impression on me because I wanted to be that type of person too. I also did a show years ago and there was one person who was the OPPOSITE of what I wanted to be like. I think it’s good to see both sides of the coin. Every situation can be a learning experience and I always try to keep that in the back on my head.


EW What do you consider your greatest strengths as a business person?

LH I definitely have a lot of passion. If I do something, I do it 110%. There really is no grey area for me which can definitely be one of my strengths. I also am very open minded. I think it’s super important to be able to listen without emotionally responding and truly see all sides of things.

EW In your acting process, can you tell us a bit about how you find a character, emotionally, physically, and the prep work that goes into it? How it might vary from role to role?

LH For me, I usually find parts of myself in every character I play. I draw from similar experiences and feelings. However, now I’m starting to play parts that are so different from me and it’s been such a fun challenge. Sometimes I’ll change up my look through changing my hair, but I can’t wait to do a part where I can drastically switch it up. Sometimes I have to learn new skills. Like right now I’m in Spain and had to learn about botany for a project. Most of my work is done in my head though. Just really sitting with what my character is going through and letting it all sink in. Every part has been different for me and so the process changes a little each time depending on who I’m working with. I am a huge believer in natural instinct and trusting your gut when it comes to making decisions to the characters I play.


EW What professionally are you most proud of thus far?

LH This is a tough question cause I’m my own worst critic! I’m  proud of everything I’ve done whether it be big or small, but I think Katy Keene was the most fun I’ve had. It was a really special show and an important time in my life.

EW Do you think in terms of 5 and 10 year plans with work and life, or is it more incidental than that?

LH I definitely set goals for myself that I’d like to achieve but I’ve had to let go of time lines because that only sets you up to be disappointed if you don’t check all the boxes. I don’t believe anything in life is an accident. I believe everything has its purpose and you are always exactly where you need to be, even if you can’t see it at the time.  Some of the most difficult moments in my life have shaped me into the person I am today. Looking back, I never would’ve thought that my setbacks and struggles would ultimately be some of my biggest gifts.

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EW You have an enormous audience for many years now- what are some of your favorite ways to harness your platform to pay it forward?

LH I’m at the point now of only speaking up about a topic if it means something to me. I also refuse to be quiet about things I believe in even if that comes at the cost of losing supporters. I try to share my points of view in a way that isn’t forceful, hopefully encouraging. I just always want to keep it real and authentic. Im still finding my voice in a way and its been fun to take some of my power back.

EW Have you had any experiences of finding it difficult to navigate the idea of being an example in some way because you are in the spotlight?

LH I constantly struggle with it because people have an idea of who they think you are or want you to be. I’m always afraid of letting people down, but also have to honor who I am as a person and my journey. I’ve messed up a lot and have struggled, and many People don’t know that at all. I think there is a massive misperception about people in the public eye that life is all rainbows and glitter. I’m VERY fortunate and grateful for everything in my life, but there have been some extremely dark times. I think one day I’ll talk about that side of me because if I can make one person feel less alone, then I’ve done something right.

I believe everything has its purpose and you are always exactly where you need to be, even if you can’t see it at the time.


EW Any favorite causes or charities you would like to direct our readers to?

LH I recently have started working with Child Rescue Coalition. They create technology to give to police forces to put away child predators. I’ve done some work with Smile Train and St. Jude as well. There are so many wonderful organizations/charities out there & it’s about finding what resonates with you.

EW I very much love that via SBJCT our readers get in touch with how to be a part of the change YOU want to see in the world. What are some things you are working on shifting? And ways that our readers might be able to walk this walk?

LH I think it’s important to remember that you don’t have to do EVERYTHING. My advice would be to find a topic you’re truly passionate about and stay in that lane because then it’ll feel genuine for you. Also, to never stop learning and seeing different points of views.

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EW What are your thoughts on destiny in general? And our own role in manifesting our paths?

LH I believe we create the life we want. Our thoughts are SO powerful and having a positive mindset is everything. I do believe in destiny and that every single person you meet & experience you go through is for a bigger purpose. I’ve gotten very specific about the things I want in my life and it crazy how so many of those manifestations have come to fruition.


EW I want to talk dealing with the cards we are dealt. This has been a strange year for all of us, filled with transitions. Your beautiful show Katy Keene was not picked up for a second season. Do you have a process for dealing with say, unexpected news? And what do you turn to to get you through trying times?

LH It has been such a trying, challenging time for the whole world. I think we can collectively say its been a very hard year. We’ve obviously all dealt with it in different ways and different levels.

Unfortunately I’ve had to deal with a lot of rejection and disappointing news in the career path I’ve chosen. There are equal good things but it definitely is a strong balance between the two. Luckily I can take trying times and turn  it into strength. I try to learn something from every bad outcome. To get through hard times, I rely on my family, friends and sweet pup Elvis. Im also a very spiritual person and prayer/positive thinking have honestly helped me so much. You have to be your own best friend and learning to love myself despite the things I don’t like has helped push me forward too.




EW We spoke a bit about intuition and learning to trust yourself and that many of us have the ability to answer our own questions. Can you tell me a bit about your own journey into becoming more in touch with yourself and our world?

LH I think we all inherently have strong intuition. Some people are just more in tune with it, but I believe everyone can get back to their truest self and highest self. It takes work and dedication but is so worth it. The last year I’ve been on a spiritual journey and I like to think I’ve seen a lot of growth. Everyone’s path is different and there isn’t a right or wrong way…it’s about finding what works for you.


EW Any useful practices that you would suggest to our readers to better connect with both our internal selves and to connect with the outer world as well? I am giving you very heady questions but I think you can take it!

LH Meditation, gratitude journaling, positive affirmations, being in nature, reiki, exercise, therapy, making sure your circle of friends light you up…

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EW What brings you hope these days?

LH The next generation has so much passion and wants to see change. Women getting their power back. I feel like many injustices are coming to the surface and that gives me hope for a brighter future.

EW What are you planning next creatively? Where can we expect to see you next?

LH I’m currently in Spain filming a movie called Borrego. Then I’ll go to NYC to film a movie called The Hating Game. These will both be out next year along with a film I did last year called Big Gold Brick.


EW Favorite fitness routine?

LH Hot Pilates. I’ve recently become obsessed.

The next generation has so much passion and wants to see change.


EW Meditation tips ( if any)?

LH Start small & try not to judge yourself. Meditation is very difficult for me but does get easier. Start with 2 minutes, then 5, and increase it weekly.

EW What must me read?

LH Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

EW Podcasts you would suggest?

LH It’s very dark and disturbing but Sword and Scale is so entertaining. It’s all true crime related episodes.

EW Unwinding routine?

LH Re-runs of New Girl or Schitt’s Creek.

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EW Where do you feel most safe?

LH On a hiking trail near my house. I feel happiest there and most like myself. Anywhere in nature actually.

EW Comfort food?

LH French fries and ranch dressing.

EW Best quality in a partner?

LH Open and honest communication. The ability to be emotionally present and an understanding heart.




EW Best quality in a friend?

LH My best friend Annie is like my emotional support person. She completely keeps me calm and that’s my favorite quality about her. I’m a super emotional person and it can be a rollercoaster, so someone who has balance is important for me.


EW Favorite part about being an actor?

LH Getting to express myself through characters. It’s often hard for me to describe how I’m feeling, but I can easily express myself through my work.

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EW Lucy Hale, What’s Your SBJCT? What really moves you and motivates you and drives you?

LH I want to leave behind a good story. Not a perfect story and there aren’t always happy endings, but one that is real. I want to inspire people. My career drives me. I’m always learning and growing. I feel very blessed that I am surrounded by interesting and creative people all the time. I’m grateful I live in a city that’s so accepting and loving of different types of people. My whole goal in life is to be my most authentic self and it’s definitely a journey, but it’s a fun one.

I want to leave behind a good story.

DRESS Georges Hobeika