Dree Hemingway is the ultimate cool girl, but SBJCT spoke with her about so, so much more, from her latest short film of her own creation and wiles, Day 47, to the catharsis of making art. Dree is a lesson in living in the present, a lesson we could all tap into these days. Read on below…



Erin Walsh Hello Dree! Thank you so much for collaborating with us! What a crazy ride this past year has been. I would love to get into that and what has led you here. Let’s start way back though, can you tell us about how you grew up and what led you to leave school and start modeling?

Dree Hemingway I grew up in Idaho or was born there. Spent most of my early childhood traveling and living where my mother’s film sets brought her. Ireland, Canada, New York, Los Angeles and then always found our way back to Idaho. I started dancing ballet around 5. My mother had a yoga studio called the Sacred Cow that doubles as a dance studio downstairs and became the place where I spent most of my time. End of middle school into high school my mom and dad decided to moved to Westlake Village to be near my grandparents and cousins. While there, I continued studying dance and towards the end of high school I finished with homeschooling to pursue dance in NYC. Soon after I came to realize that if I wasn’t going to be the principle dancer then I didn’t want to push myself anymore, and I’d find a way to into my true dream. Movies. After some different acting schools and theatre schools, in my opinion, acting took life experience and that’s what brought me to modeling. In the beginning of my career, modeling was the perfect combination of movement and playing a character and an exploration of myself. So there you have it. Thats my younger self in a quick summed up version.


EW What was it like traveling the world as essentially a child and working? How do you think this kind of responsibility informs how you handle yourself professionally these times?

DH I’ve always been someone who’s loves meeting new people and exploring new places. In terms of professionally, I’m grateful I get to do something that doesn’t always feel like work.

EW Any crazy stories you would like to share from your early modeling days?

DH I remember shooting with Bruce Weber for Abercrombie and thinking that I was finally going to be seen as sexy (I was 16)… and they ran a photo of my hair whipping over my face and a big nerdy smile. HUGE POSTER. I thought for sure something HOT would come out and then the boys at school would flock. That did not happen. But in hindsight I did look like I was 11 and I don’t even think sexy Dree came out until I turned 22! Haha


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I was settling into something that fit and felt more me than anything



EW Seriously though, that industry has shifted a great deal since your early days. What are you pleased that has changed and what do you think still needs some addressing?

DH I like that the industry is embracing all body types. I was really proud of one of my best friends Fran Burns addressing sample sizes running so small. It’s a weird thing being asked to model and then not being able to button the clothing. Gets into your head.

EW Who did you find to be most helpful in terms of advice at this time?

DH My dad use to be the most helpful. Now my sister.

EW Who do you turn to most these days?

DH I turn most to my sister and my boyfriend.

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EW Let’s talk transitioning into acting. Had you always been interested? Was it a scary/ difficult evolution for you?

DH Acting has always been the end goal. It never felt like a transition, it just felt like I was settling into something that fit and felt more me than anything.

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EW During quarantine, you made a short film, Day 47. I love the universality of your personal story. The change we are all being asked to face, from the large scale to the more pedantic, is endlessly startling. What made you want to make art of your reality?

DH I was really frustrated that I couldn’t work because acting is a form of therapy for me. I wanted to do something that honored my father as well as, show people that what we were and still are going through is scary at times and sad and can feel a bit mental. Also I really wanted to prove to myself that I can create my own projects in this life. I don’t have to sit around waiting to be hired and that be the basis of my life and my happiness.


I wanted to do something that honored my father


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EW Tell me about realizing the concept of the film and capturing it- who helped you to tell this story in the way you felt it needed to be told?

DH I walked around my neighborhood everyday with my best friend Lauren Caris Cohan (who’s a writer/director) and we discussed making a short. And she said, “go write it. I’ll help put it into script format.” And so I did. And then it all seemed to just come together. I’m very thankful to her for helping and directing and truly making is all become a reality. Not to mention her boyfriend Matt Jacoby edited it and he did a perfect job. It felt like a family project.


EW Do you find art and the making of it to be cathartic? Among the topics you examine is the death of your father. How do you harness your pain in your work? I find it to be so brave. Is there a method or is it more organic than that?

DH It’s completely cathartic. For me the pain was so raw that it was organic but there’s also getting over the fear of being transparent in front of people. I work a lot with music and memories.

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EW What do you hope people take from the film?

DH I don’t know. Maybe that they’re not alone in their feelings….

EW What has been most instrumental to you keeping sane this year?

DH Nature. I would lose my mind if I couldn’t walk around and be outdoors.

EW How do you find your joy on a daily basis?

DH Music. Cooking. Baths. Walking.

EW What makes you hopeful for the future?

DH I don’t even know what to expect from the future but I’m happy right now.

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I don’t plan in that way.

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EW Do you keep anything in the way of 5 or 10 year plans? I know this year in particular has kind of thrown a wrench in that idea, but are you much of a planner in that way?

DH I don’t plan in that way. But I know I want a family of my own eventually.

EW Favorite place in the world?

DH Ketchum Idaho

EW Favorite book?

DH The Great Gatsby.


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EW What should we be watching?

DH I’ve watched sooo many documentaries this past year. Crazy, Not Insane blew my mind.

And then I recently watched Mank which was incredible. My favorite film I’ve seen in a while.

I also rewatched Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhrmann which is still a tear jerker and so beautiful.

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EW What do you hope to leave behind in terms of your legacy?

DH Oh god I have no idea. A kind human.

EW Dree, what’s your SBJCT? What really moves and motivates you?

DH Art.

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