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Free Spirit

Meet the ever-evolving Sunrise Ruffalo and learn about her zen approach to a life full of adventure. Read more


7 Questions: Isabelle McNallyRead more

Spotlight on: IRCRead more

7 Questions: Azede Jean-PierreRead more

A Curious Mind

Sarah Jessica Parker on success, personal triumph, and the power of the arts. Read more

Photography and Human Rights

NY-based photographer and researcher Daniel Jack Lyons uses photovoice to get to the heart of his subjects. Read about his work with patients living with mental illness in Mozambique. Read more

The Human Collective

Actress Toni Collette on slowing down, looking inwards, and contributing to the human collective. Read more

CLEARing the Way

Chairman and CEO of CLEAR, Caryn Seidman Becker is using biometrics to change the way you travel. Read about how your fingerprint can unlock the path to a frictionless, secure travel experience. Read more

The Art of the Party

Designer Lela Rose on making every day an occasion, celebrating for no particular reason, and how to host a party your guests will never forget. Read more

Design Duo

Designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia give us a peek inside their unique partnership and what it takes to run not one, but two successful fashion lines. Read more

Rising Star

Denée Benton talks about growing up in the Florida suburbs, Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet, and what this role means not just to her, but to all the young African-American girls watching. Read more


DJ/model/muse/designer Harley Viera-Newton is the ultimate human mash-up. Where did it all begin? With a fascination for Egypt, a passion for collecting things, and a travel diary to rival any jet-setter. Meet the coolest chick on the block. Read more

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