Dear Readers,

I thought it timely, upon our inaugural feature, to note some particulars.

Number one, the very name for this little enterprise, SBJCT, was actually our inaugural sbjct’s idea. While my husband Christian and I were hashing out the idea of making a creative platform, we shamelessly sought the wisdom of mentors, friends and peers. So it happened that one evening in Lima a little over a year ago, while musing over various names for our venture, Sarah Jessica Parker offered, “Well, what about Subject? But without the vowels.” S-B-J-C-T.” It was perfect.

The word like this pretty much sums up what we do here. We explore subjects through the voices of extraordinary individuals. And because it is one person’s take, and because we cannot possibly encompass the entire subject, it is abbreviated: SBJCT.

Whenever I explain why we are taking time out of consuming careers and personal affairs to add yet another voice to an already saturated media, the answer becomes immediately clear: because we have to. Whether lofty or idealistic, or alternatively, selfish, we created SBJCT because we saw the void and wanted to fill it. There is in the air right now a very visceral need for awareness, a need for action and change. If the events of late have taught us anything, it’s that we need to listen and try to understand the full story. So we’re slowing things down a bit here, and getting to the heart of the matter. Because it is only through understanding that we can truly move people to change. We’re not trying to prove a point, but we are presenting a point of view. One we hope just might change your perspective.

What can you expect from SBJCT? Expect all these ideas and more wrapped in an incidentally very chic little bow. We are not creating a fashion magazine – SBJCT just happens to be very fashionable. I don’t see anything wrong with elevated images and offering people new ways to dream. My husband calls me an optimist. Whenever he says this, I always reply that it’s simply the only way to get things done. If we don’t believe in the best in people, or that change is possible, or that yes, we can (do it), then who will?

Today we present Sarah Jessica Parker. Not on fashion. Not on certain characters she has played both in and out of the zeitgeist. Instead we have SJ on the art of listening, asking questions, and endlessly searching. Full disclosure: the woman is an example to me – I adore her and find her boundless curiosity and appetite for life, and all that’s in it, to be completely infectious.

Welcome to our hopeful and hopefully thought-provoking world.

And please, pass it on. You can take it with you.

From our movement to yours,


Erin Walsh and the SBJCT team

We launched sbjct as a platform to feature extraordinary individuals and the subjects that move and inspire them.

In a world that is saturated with fast, shiny, often superficial content, we wanted to slow things down and focus on what we love best: a good old-fashioned subject. One you can pore over, analyze, and discuss. One you can take to the dinner table. We believe that by building a collective of people, ideas, and causes, we can move you, and maybe even change the subject.

What’s your sbjct?


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