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Much like the music that inspires her coveted playlists, DJ/model/muse Harley Viera-Newton really is the ultimate human mash-up. Now with the recent launch of her collection of vintage-inspired dresses, HVN, she can add designer to her ever-evolving résumé. Where did it all begin? With a fascination for Egypt, a passion for collecting things, and a travel diary to rival any jet-setter. Meet Harley Viera-Newton, the coolest chick on the block.


by Phoebe De Croisset

Phoebe De Croisset I think people might be surprised to learn that you moved to New York to study Egyptology! What specifically drew you to the study of Egyptology?

Harley Viera-Newton I’d always been fascinated by ancient Egypt. As a young girl growing up in London, the British Museum was my favorite place in the world, specifically the mummy floor. I was obsessed. When I started NYU I was actually aiming for an archaeology degree, but I took one class on ancient Egyptian art and immediately fell even more in love.

PC Your career has obviously taken a slightly different path! Is there still something of Egypt in your everyday life? 

HVN I am definitely wowed by the ancient Egyptian’s meticulous attention to detail in their clothing, jewelry, art, and architecture. That refinement is something I look for and appreciate today.

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I love when something that could have been just an everyday mundane object transforms into a really special and thoughtful piece…

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PC Is there a particular concept from ancient Egyptian history that appeals to you on a personal level?

HVN I really love the concept of ma’at, which was essentially the idea of truth and justice. Ma’at was a term that represented the idea of balance and harmony, and Egyptians believed they should strive to achieve honest and happy stability in life. It was so important to them that they actually created a goddess Ma’at, who was responsible for the universe’s cosmic order. Ma’at was also a judge in the afterlife and would weigh the heart of each person against an ostrich feather (the symbol of ma’at).  If the heart weighed less or the same as the feather, symbolizing that they had lived a life as light and true, they were worthy of continuing into the afterlife.

PC In addition to your obsession with history, you have a love of collecting objects. Can you tell us about what you collect?

HVN When I go antiquing I’m never looking for anything specific, but there are themes I am often drawn to. These include but are not limited to western cowboy memorabilia (often found in Montana), marine life antiques (often found in Florida), and anything fly-fishing related as it is my favorite hobby. But usually I’m just looking for anything special that has detail, charm, and most importantly, a history. I love when something that could have been just an everyday mundane object transforms into a really special and thoughtful piece, like a beautiful pin-cushion or makeup compact.

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PC Which of your collections is the most extensive?

HVN Fly-fishing!

PC Your career brings you all over the world. If you had to choose a favorite travel destination, where would it be and why?

HVN I am completely obsessed with Japan. Tokyo is my favorite city in the entire world. The energy there is completely unique, and you feel like you’re on another planet. I’m completely in love with the people, food, fashion, art, and tradition.

PC What’s your favorite treasure you’ve collected during your travels?

HVN A large metal horse from the 40s or 50s that I found on a round trip through Montana.

PC What is your number one travel necessity?

HVN Hand sanitizer!

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PC Are you going anywhere for the holidays this year?

HVN I just got back from Tokyo, but I head home to LA for the holidays.

PC What’s your favorite holiday destination?

HVN The Florida Keys

PC What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

HVN Decorating the tree with my entire family in LA. We’ve had the same ornaments for 20 years brought over from London.

PC Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?

HVN The year we got our family cat Nike – they put him in a little Nike box right before handing him to me and my sister. We were so happy we cried!

PC Favorite Christmas Song?

HVN You just can’t beat Mariah. But check out our Homefriends Christmas Mix – it has all of the greats!!

Listen to Harley Viera-Newton’s Christmas Playlist

“A Homefriends Christmas”


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