by Phoebe De Croisset

Veronica Webb has not only graced the covers of countless magazines over the past three decades, she has shifted seamlessly through the spheres of modeling, acting, writing, and philanthropy. We sat down with her to talk about her latest venture, a lifestyle blog dedicated to helping women live better.

Model, actress, writer and now blogger? Tell us about your newest project, Webb On The Fly.

Fashion is my first love because it’s always evolving in order to be a reflection of our times. The digital revolution excites me because it gives everyone a microphone so they can rap to the planet about whatever it is they feel most passionate about. Webb On The Fly lets me talk about my passion for having the best of both worlds; how to dress beautifully without breaking the bank, how to pig out and get away with it, staying in shape without living in the gym and using technology in a way that makes you a master and not a slave so you can spend more time doing what you love with the people you love the most. It’s really about trying to find balance in all the roles we play as women, as siblings, as moms, spouses and entrepreneurs.

Is this a purely editorial/artistic endeavor? Or do you have hopes of turning this into a business?

I don’t have a large following yet, but an interesting mix of women are interacting with me on the blog. More than anything, I want to take all of my analogue skills from modeling, writing for magazines and hosting on television and translate them into the new economy. It’s the ultimate for a mom with kids to be able to make a living working from where you want when you want. I’m working my job around my life, not my life around my job. My marriage and my kids come first.

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What inspired you to start this blog?

My husband did. I love giving fashion and beauty advice and I love being first to see and share all the new things that are happening in fashion. Most of all, I get excited when I see fashion and beauty create positive and empowering changes in people’s lives.

How have your teenage daughters helped you embrace technology?

Doesn’t everyone have kids so that someone can show them how to work their phones and TV remotes? I know I did.

How has it changed the way you live?

I do not wait in line. I’m not on a schedule for running errands or paying bills or getting to the bank or the post office. I find kids don’t develop the same kind of discipline and patience my generation had because every day chores had to be scheduled.

What, if any, rules do you have for your girls with regards to their devices? Do you ever cut them off?

Phone down when adults are speaking to you.  No phones at meals – ever. And there’s an app I have to limit their data after certain hours.

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Now for some fun questions! Last thing you ate?

Udon that I made from scratch. Just sayin’.

Last thing you googled?

Myself. You would do it too if you were sitting front row at Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Paris wearing Alaia and sitting next to Olivier Rousteing.

What did you do last night?

I watched “Savage Kingdom” on National Geographic with my husband and kids. Roasted a chicken, made lentil stew for dinner and a martini for dessert in my magic bullet blender. Do you have one of those? I’m obsessed. It does everything, Bullet Proof Coffee, lattes, smoothies, soup, and even cocktails when you just can’t look another carrot or piece of kale in the face.

Favorite book?

Peter Pan. My sister read it to me every night when we were kids.

Favorite saying?

“You never know how soon it’s going to be too late.” It’s a poetic mash-up of the saying “Just Do It!” and “It’s Later Than You Think”. I’ll probably change my mind about a favorite saying again next week… 

Best advice you were ever given?

Style is drawing attention to yourself in a positive way.


Visit Veronica’s website here: Webb on the Fly