Eve’s Adelaïde Bourbon is bringing old school denim back – and it’s looking better than ever.

All clothing courtesy of Eve Denim Choker Roxanne Assoulin Rings Catbird 

1What inspired the Eve denim collection and how did you begin to realize the dream?

I searched endlessly for rigid, vintage denim pieces that were in decent condition. The prices people are charging for vintage jeans is so crazy, and I hated that instead of an old tattered pair, I would end up buying fresh and new. I so wanted to wear them in myself, rather than having to run and get them patched back up within the first 6 months of owning them. I started to dream up Eve around this time.

2What is the philosophy behind the brand?

To treasure your piece and have it take on your story. We don’t believe in disposable clothing. We believe things should be looked after, and they should grow old with you. Create your own vintage!

We also believe in elevating denim back to a time gone by, doing away with lycra and aggressive whiskering and sanding. We have brought back a clean, simple, and chic aesthetic that is incredibly easy to dress up or down.

3What made you choose Eve as your brand’s name?

Eve was chosen as the brand’s name to represent the original feeling and authenticity I felt had disappeared in women’s denim, and that I set out to restore. I wanted a name that would symbolize the original and feminine, and Eve was the perfect synthesis of these qualities in a female name.

All clothing courtesy of Eve Denim Choker Roxanne Assoulin Rings Catbird Shoes Maryam Nassir Zadeh
All clothing courtesy of Eve Denim Choker Roxanne Assoulin Rings Catbird 
All clothing courtesy of Eve Denim Choker Roxanne Assoulin Rings Catbird 

4Who is the Eve denim woman?

The Eve woman is independent – not a crowd follower. She sets the tone and pace in her world. And people take notice and tend to follow her! She is an original and therefore looks to own the “real deal” in her material possessions… never an imitation.

She is also a very busy woman, and that is why we aim for every piece to take you from day to night, allowing you to hop from one setting to the next with an easy change of accessories.

One of my all-time favorite on-screen moments is when Holly Gollightly runs out her door and stops to spray perfume on at her mailbox. That is who I am speaking to. The sprayers of perfume at the mailbox!

5Was their any advice you received that helped you on the way?

When I worked for Equipment alongside Serge Azria, I remember being so irritated at the crop of knock-offs that sprung up within the first year of us launching. I would go to him, fuming, to tell him of the injustice and he would calm me down, wisely informing me: “This is great news. It’s means we’ve made it!” When people sense you are onto something, they follow suit. Now when I see our Eve  aesthetic cropping up in mainstream denim stores and social media, I just smile.

All clothing courtesy of Eve Denim Choker Roxanne Assoulin
All clothing courtesy of Eve Denim Choker Roxanne Assoulin Rings Catbird Shoes Maryam Nassir Zadeh

6You produce everything in the US – why is that so important to you?

I want everything we do to have integrity and impeccable quality control to ensure durability. While denim is originally from France, denim jeans’ real nationality, I think most would agree, is totally American.

7What is your favorite piece? And how do you wear it?

The Charlotte Culotte is my favorite forever. It is seasonless, but since it is high summer and I am coming off of a tropical vacation, I will answer accordingly!

I wear my Charlottes with an Indian smock with mock neck and tassels in a liberty-esque print, and a pair of converse sneakers. The Charlotte is the epitome of versatility, so I would also pack a pair of heels, that way I am free to end up in any setting, day or night.

All clothing courtesy of Eve Denim Choker Roxanne Assoulin Rings Catbird Earrings Jennifer Fisher