Meet Lucy Boynton, much more than your latest blonde breakaway bombshell. We talked inspiration and evolving with your career. Captured in LA clad in some of Miu Miu’s latest most IT GIRL looks, for your reading and viewing pleasure.


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1Have you had a role that you really identify with most with? What was it?

I’ve realised recently what excites me most is if there isn’t much at all that I can identify with in the character I’m playing. Obviously in order to play them you have to have empathy for them, and so to find that you try to draw lines in abstract ways between your experience and theirs, but I wouldn’t want to play someone close to me. There’s no journey or adventure there. There’s more to learn from someone further from your own existence.

And ugh the stunning work of Wim Wenders.

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2Was there a moment in your life where you knew 100% you wanted to be an actress, and how did you make it a reality?

I had a few years going through an awkward teen phase where I was auditioning several times a week and getting nothing. I had suddenly become too old for the child roles and was still too young for the adult roles so it was quite relentless rejection. It made me question myself and how much I needed or wanted to be in this industry if this was an insight into what it would be like. As crap as it felt at the time I’m now really grateful to have had that period to step back and see it all more clearly, to check myself and what I was really looking for in it. It forced me to acknowledge just how much I love it and need it and how much I’m willing to put into it.

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3How has your career changed from when you first started acting at such a young age, and how do you hope to evolve in the next few years?

I started when I was twelve so I’d say it’s evolved quite a bit! One thing I’d say is that I’m much more deliberate in my process and preparation now. It’s been a fierce education and I’m learning better how to get as much as I can out of it, learn as much as I can from each job and each person I work with.

4What was it like being on set for Bohemian Rhapsody, did you connect immediately with your cast?

It was a really unique experience and one that I’m particularly nostalgic for now that the film has been released out of our hands and into the world. I shall be eternally grateful to Susie Figgis for casting the people that she did, who now feel so much like family. I think everyone found that connection pretty early on so it was really impactful to be able to lean on each other so much throughout the process, and so fun.

5Is there any other area of the industry that you would be interested in working in such as producing or directing, or is your sole interest acting?

I’m becoming increasingly fascinated by the idea of directing but first I’d need to read a lot more and watch a lot more to build up my understanding of film history to draw on and to develop a more precise point of view. I really love the immediately identifiable and unique styles of Kubrick and Hitchcock. And ugh the stunning work of Wim Wenders.

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I guess I’ve learnt to never say never.

6Is there a quality you look for when reading the scripts of possible characters, you might play? Is there something that you would never do as an actress?

Finding the connection with a project or a character is very instinctive for me. I’m not as strategic when it comes to choosing or working towards a next role as I am swayed by gut reaction. My taste has changed a lot over the years, based on my own experiences as well as books I’m reading or films I’ve been greatly impacted by, so I guess I’ve learnt to never say never.

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7If you could have any career in the world what would it be and why?

Is it terribly dull if I say this one?! I don’t know any other job that allows you to live a thousand different lives in difference periods and places. It’s terrifying and rewarding and thrilling and I love it.