MEET SAMARA WEAVING, actor and star of many projects all at once! Her latest that you might be binging currently include Snake Eyes and Nine Perfect Strangers…  Samara spoke with SBJCT about purpose and vocation, keeping it real, what keeps her tethered and how to be of service, one day at a time. Read on below…

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Erin Walsh Hello Samara! Thank you so much for taking the time to have some fun with us- we are so excited to feature you and all you have been up to. I would love to start at the beginning- tell us a bit about your background and how you got started as an actor in the first place…

Samara Weaving Hello! Thank YOU for having me! I was a very shy child and my parents put me in drama classes to help me make friends and overcome my social anxieties. I remember feeling really free on stage as cliche as that sounds. When I found out people could play “make believe” for a job I think I asked my dad if I could get an agent and he took me to Sydney to find one. After that, I got an audition for a local Australian series and started working throughout high-school going back and forth from set and school. It was scary and weird but I loved it.

EW You have been quite the productive actor during this crazy year- from Snake Eyes to Nine Perfect Strangers to Babylon and more- have you had any down time or has it just been a serendipitously productive Covid year?

SW It’s been a strange year and a half. I finished Snake Eyes in late February, right when the pandemic really became a reality and me and my partner hunkered down in L.A for a while. I was so lucky that Nine Perfect Strangers came my way a few months later. By July I was in Byron Bay working and that was a long, beautiful shoot that finished out the year. After that, there wasn’t much of a break until I left for Atlanta to film The Valet, and after that came Babylon. Now I’m in Prague for Chevalier. So I’ve been extremely fortunate in that I’ve been able to work during these tumultuous times.

EW I would love to know more about NPS- can you tell us about the series and the filming process? I know the production got relocated so that it could actually happen during this time. What was it like?

SW It was Utopia. It was wonderfully odd working and living in a place where Covid was completely under control. Byron Bay is a beautiful town full of wonderful people, places and things. Lots to explore and the location where we filmed was an actual health retreat so even going to work was like taking a holiday. I sound like a yelp review lol 5 stars.

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EW Tell us about your character Jessica and what you hope people will take from this project.

SW Jessica is a beautiful mess. I think or hope people will reflect on how we judge people based on their looks and first impressions. Where do we learn these judgements from? I think she begs questions that say more about our society and ourselves rather than about her specifically. Overall, I think this show touches a lot of interesting themes. What it is to grieve? How do we deal with trauma? The big question of why are we here and what is our purpose? Are wellness retreats helpful? I was really fascinated by the alternative medicine aspect. I’d like to know more about Psilocybin therapy and micro-dosing psychoactive substances to help with anxiety and depression. I’ve spoked to a few people who micro-dose and swear it’s changed their lives.


EW What’s next that you are most excited about?

SW I’m prepping for Chevalier at the moment and I cannot wait to start filming. I think Stefani Robinson wrote a terrific script and Stephen Williams has such a great vision for it. The cast is incredible, I reckon it’s gonna be great fun to play with them all.


EW How do you go about deciding what projects to take on?

SW I change my mind every day about what I want to do. It starts with a great script or a great director with a great idea and I try to trust my gut on what will be the most interesting or challenging project. I’m lucky I have a great team to help point me in the right direction.

DRESS Louis Vuitton SHOES Louis Vuitton EARRING Soko


DRESS Louis Vuitton SHOES Louis Vuitton EARRING Soko


I think or hope people will reflect on how we judge people based on their looks and first impressions.


EW What is most helpful in the process of finding a character?

SW My incredible coach Leigh Kilton Smith. She’s absolutely brilliant and kind and has a wicked sense of humor. I think what’s most helpful is just daydreaming about them and seeing what comes up. I don’t really have a process I stick too.

EW What helps you stay sane and tethered these days?

SW Lot’s of watching television and eating Maltesers.

EW Any dream role you hope to come your way?

SW Not really. I hope to keep playing people that interest me and make me turn my brain on.

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EW Do you often get “pinch yourself” moments when huge opportunities come through?

SW Everyday. All the time. Right now I’m staring out over the city of Prague wondering who in their right mind let me come here to work and play fancy dress and get paid to do it. What is going on? I keep waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out and say I’ve been punk’d!


EW Do you consider acting or the arts as a vocation or something you were called to do?

SW Both I think! I don’t know. Somedays it feel very much like a job and a business and other days I feel like it’s something deeper and personal and I need to remember the latter.

EW What are your thoughts on purpose- like do you see a greater meaning in your work and what you are called to do? And what else do you feel particularly called to do?

SW I think purpose is good. We need purpose even if it’s something small. I don’t know if what I do has any greater meaning but it means something to me in the moment and that’s what matters. I don’t want to be doing this for any external validation. I want to do it so that at the end of the day I feel like I’ve been creative and helpful and been of service to the writers and directors image and creation. If a movie I’ve done touches or helps someone that’s an added bonus!

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EW What inspires you?

SW Oh goodness lots of things! People, places, animals, songs, clothes, paintings, books, films, blooper reals, food, interviews, anything and everything really.

EW How do you connect your spirit with your work and your day to day?

SW I try to meditate everyday even if it’s just for a minute. I have some handy apps that help. I try to stay present and take it one day at a time.

EW How do you like to spend your days when you aren’t working?

SW If I’m in the middle of production I spend my days off recharging my little introvert batteries. I build pillow forts and watch movies, do yoga and journal. If I’m not actively working on something I spend time with friends, play with my dog and laugh at my partner Jimmy.



We need purpose even if it’s something small.


EW What makes you excited about the coming year?

SW I’ve got some really fun projects percolating that I’m excited about. Taking on a more producorial role and working with Jimmy on projects together as a team.

EW Book we should be reading?

SW I’m reading The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls. My friend recommended her other book Half-broke horses and I loved it.

EW What should we be eating?

SW Goulash and Knedlíky

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EW What are some of your favorite ways to pay it forward? Any charities or causes we should know about?

SW My partners father helped start the Center on Wrongful Convictions which is a great organization. You can go to their website and donate.

EW Anything in the way of a motto you subscribe to?

SW One day at a time. Take it Easy.

EW Tell us how you use your platform to pay it forward.

SW I try to be honest and open about my own struggles so anyone who has anxiety or depression doesn’t feel alone. I support the women movement and BLM. Bo Burnham talks about this in “Inside.” I prefer donating to these causes and literally pay it forward as well as posting it forward and raising awareness. I turn to people who know more about these subjects then I do and listen and learn from them.

EW Do you keep anything in the way of a 5 or 10 year plan?

SW Not really! Just keep doing what I’m doing hopefully. Keep growing and learning maybe start a family one day.

EW What makes you hopeful after a year of pandemic life?

SW Vaccines

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EW What should we be watching?

SW There’s a great documentary called Stray about stray dogs in Turkey that is absolutely breathtaking. This director Elizabeth Lo does a wonderful job bringing you right into the life of a dog. woof.

EW What’s your SBJCT Samara? What really moves and inspires you?

SW My family. My mum, my sister, my dad, Jimmy and our little dog Muzzy. They move me and inspire me the most.

Take it Easy.

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